North Fresno Collision Center is a family owned business. Our goal from the beginning has been to provide outstanding old fashioned customer service and repair vehicles the right way. Quality first.

We are well known for our ability to repair US and Japanese vehicles but a lot of our customers don't know we have another division within our company.  Our High End Division, which is now located at our newly opened Palm Bluff Location.

Our Story

One of the things we learned up front in 2004 was that no one offered Aluminum Structural Repairs in the Central Valley. We wanted to be Manufacturer Certified to repair large collisions on exotics that go far beyond Dents and Paintwork. In fact today there are still only a few of us in the country that are Structurally Certified by the Manufacturers to rebuild your damaged aluminum body and frame. This requires extremely advanced equipment and welding skills due to the exacting nature of the suspension systems. It is really a craft! 

Our feeling was that if we could master the high end cars of the world then we would be ready for what Detroit and Japan produced as they began their own path with advanced materials


So this started a journey that has led us to whom we are today.


It started with BMW in 2006 as we earned their Certifications to replace Aluminum frame rails. Then 2011 Jaguar and Land Rover. More employees where hired and regular training trips back east started and continue today. In 2013 Tesla approached us... with many Tesla's. We were the Valleys first Tesla facility and our staff was trained regularly at the Tesla factory along with other Tesla employees. Note: Tesla no longer provides this training and we can truly say that our Staff is the only Factory trained and Structural welding certified facility in the Valley by Tesla. In 2018 we earned the Mercedes Benz honor of being an Elite service center. This was very hard to achieve and we are very proud of our ability to repair High End Mercedes that until now, if involved in a collision were being towed to the Bay Area.

Over the years our customer base for high end vehicles has grown to cover the area from Bakersfield to Stockton and west to Santa Barbara. Besides our certified brands, we have repaired many Aston Martin Bentley Ferrari Maserati. 

Thank you for your time and interest!